Reason Behinds the Fake Orgasm of Female Escorts

There are men who cheat on their wives and hire escorts for sex just because they want to see a woman experiencing orgasm. Sometimes, men like very small things that might not seem important to a woman. When a man hires an escort, he is open enough with her and he tells her exactly what he is looking for. If the man is so much into looking for orgasm that he has never experienced in another woman, the escort will do the best she can to ensure she fulfills the desires of her client.

But the truth is an escort is a woman just like any other woman. The only difference is that she has more experience in sex because of being in this field for a long time. That however, doesn’t rule out the possibility of a failed orgasm once in a while. But since she wants to leave the client feeling confident of himself, she might decide to fake it. There are different reasons that cause this some of which include:

Reason Behinds the Fake Orgasm of Female Escorts

Lack of experience

There is always a fist time in everything. Every independent Mumbai escort has a history and at one time, she was an amateur before she became an expert. This simply means there are some inexperienced escorts who are still learning on the job. But because this is their office and they cannot face their clients and confess that they are amateurs, they have to do everything they can to ensure they have met the sexual desires of their clients. Many women think that sex is all about raising the man’s ego and making him like a hero for the good job he has done by sexing you. For that reason, an escort who has little experience of what real sex is all about struggles to do the same. She will do everything possible to make the client believe that they are good at what they are doing.

Reason Behinds the Fake Orgasm of Female Escorts

They want to get over it

People hire Juhu escorts and pay them for the sexual services they offer to their clients doesn’t make them any different from other women. Once in a while, they get tired of having sex and so they choose to fake orgasm so that they can slow down their clients and bring the session to an end. At the same time, there are some clients who are so difficult to handle, and so, they put you off even before you get started.

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