Things about women that guys obsess over

Things about women that guys obsess over

The relationship between women and men is a conundrum. Men try to impress women while women try to impress men. The biological need to find a suitable mate in order to procreate is quite easily what makes the world go around. There is no shortage of material both in folklore and modern lore like the internet about what men want and vice versa. We are all obsessed with having a cheat sheet for the other team so we can be ahead of the game. Well, in the spirit of informing the female demographic about what men want, here is a list of the things that men find irresistible in women. And before we delve into that, I will have you know my information is legit; from a work group that has extensive experience and inside scoop on what men really like; escorts services.

Things about women that guys obsess over


It is true that men love visual beings. While this is true, looks can only take you so far. According to Diana, a female Mumbai escort, men like a personality that comes through. Different men like different personalities, but a personality is a sexy thing to have in your arsenal. Don’t be shy to be yourself and to say what you want. A woman who bends with the breeze like a reed is a turn-off. Have some spank and backbone to back your looks and you will have your man at your feet in no time.


Is it any surprise that the perfume industry is a multi-billion dollar industry? Well, no. Men, and everyone really, loves a nice scent. Find yourself a sexy signature scent or experiment with a few to see which he likes best. A woman who smells sexy easily attract guys toward her.

Things about women that guys obsess over


Absence is a weird point, right? It is true though. The adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder rings true in relationships. According to Nidhi, an independent Andheri escort, a little mystery and intrigue drives men crazy. Men love to chase. If you are too available then he is likely to get bored or take you for granted. Having your own life and being busy with your schedule is a great way to create mystery. Don’t allow last minute plans or late-night booty calls if you want to be taken seriously. A man will only respect and cherish a woman who demands to be treated as such.

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